BORA Ecosystem is a decentralized
entertainment platform focused to
distribute digital contents and
provide incentives to participants

  • Main TargetGame, Digital entertainment

Token Sale has finished.Total amount 1,325,000,000 BORA Token has been generated

BORA Chain Network

Two-tiered chain structure utilizes decentralized Ethereum network to acquire stability and usability

  • PoASufficient transaction performance for larger user service
  • Multi ChannelingScalability and to ensure service availability
  • Modular StructureEnsure unit application independence and stability

Layer structure for Application Ecosystem

Token Ecosystem

BORA Token secures security and reliability by Ethereum network.
BORA Point is used for commercial services that require performance and capacity on the BORA Chain.
BORA Ecosystem ensures mutual conversion of two tokens through BORA Token Manager based on smart contract.

BORA Ecosystem Application

Providing user-friendly web portal and mobile application.

  • User Accounts and asset Management
  • Token usage and conversion
  • Access to applications within ecosystems
  • User-friendly UI/UX


Token Allocation

Total 1,325,000,000 BORA
  • Token sale 40%
  • Reserve 20%
  • Ecosystem 25%
  • Team & Advisor 15%

Token Sale Complete


Meet the team